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About Us


Ardent Scientific is a leading training solutions provider, offering on-going growth and development to hundreds of professionals across Australia. We are committed to providing practical solutions that enable organisations and individuals to experience real professional and personal growth through the development of technical skills in the areas of HPLC, HPLC-MS, GC and GC-MS.

Company Background
Ardent Scientific was established in 2004 by Dr Gerard Sharp, the current CEO. The vision of Ardent Scientific is to deliver to the Australian market short courses which are both fun and effective. The weekly interaction with customers showed there was a need for training through multimedia formats and this led to the development of the current range of GC and HPLC eLearning modules. It is a challenge to describe the workings of a dual piston in series HPLC pump through a static Powerpoint slide but an effective multimedia animation can convey this to a student in minutes.

The development of skills required to deliver effective chromatography eLearning modules has led further to providing eLearning solutions to a varied range of customers.

Ardent Scientific ACN: 108 885 605; ABN: 75 108 885 605